Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haiti day two: dequini clinic

The day in clinic actually went well despite our slow start. We saw
about patients with two Docs and four nurses. We also have two
counselors, an engineer, a VBS guru, and an EMT. We have good
translators as well. We saw everything from wounds (lots) to run of
the mill things like headache and back pain. Lots of PTSD and
depression. We are so incredibly blessed to have tons and the correct

I am pleased that my French is coming back to me with ease although
creole is much more commonly used. I also got to do a couple of home
visits this afternoon, meaning I was able to go into the shanty of a
few patients who were immobil. Very powerful. My church donated
hygiene supplies and tots so I am able to give every patient a gift
from my church... I tear up every time I hand them that trinket or
toothbrush that was so lovingly given from my brother or sister in
Christ to my patient. You should see the smiles I get from them!

Pictured here is an8 year old and her mom who were my patients today.
One of my friends donated the tiny bubble necklace around her neck!

Other pics are a sweet gentleman patient and a fussy boy after a shot
being sung to by nurse Salley. All pics posted with verbal permission
via translator.

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I am so glad they are being blessed by those kits.

Don't you come back with any tampons, you hear? ;)