Friday, February 12, 2010

Haiti day 4: one month since the earthquake

We began the day with worship and prayer in Creole and in English with
patients, medical staff, and interpreters. This short video is of the
Haitians singing a praise song, us looking on, and a brief panorama
into the tent we are using as a clinic.


Nicole said...

Jill Ann - how totally amazing! I have know idea what they are singing, but to God be the Glory! Love your pictures, hope you are doing well. Lots of prayers and love to you!

Jennifer Henry said...

So amazing!!! I am praying for you and I can not wait to hear how the Lord is using you in the lives of others and how he is using them in your life. Love you!!!

Pam Cooner said...

Jill Ann- I cried as I listened to them praise the Lord. Really puts life in perspective. Showed me visibly how we were made to worship. Soooo glad you are there and sharing what you are seeing and hearing with us. Will continue to pray for you to see more glimpses of Jesus in Haiti.