Thursday, February 11, 2010

Haiti day 3: making friends

It rained through the night last so everything felt different this am. The air was heavy and the sky was dark and folks seemed more tense than usual as we drove thru the town centre. People and their
belongings are piled ten feet deep on trucks which looks quite dangerous, but I agree it is the best decision to get ou of here before the rainy season.

Clinic was good today. We saw well over one hundred patients. I was able to do some procedures such as suturing a facial laceration, draining an abcess, and setting a fracture. We were able to outfit the latter patient with crutches as well.

The saddest part of the day was getting to know a teenaged boy who lost both parents and his only sibling in their own house during the earthquake while he was at school. He is really grieving but uncertain how to do so. Please pray that he would be comforted by friends and that our team may provide a brief moment of love and tenderness in this vortex of his grief.

The best part of today was that our truck was an hour late after clinic and we got to spend that time playing with the darling children of Dequini. Enjoy and, don't worry.... We aren't planning on taking any across any borders!!!!

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