Saturday, February 13, 2010

Haiti Day 5: aftershocks

We had a really tough day at clinic. We saw over 125 patients in the
still malfunctioning and now rather stinky tent. The first patient I
saw was septic and bolused him 2liters of ivfs on the spot and the day
got rougher from there. I saw horrible STDs, had to tell a lady
displaced to the streets who has nothing that she is having another
baby, a baby with severe neurological sequelae from a congenital
infection who has no hope of meaningful long-term recovery, and a baby
suffering from bad pneumonia and dehydration who we couldn't
adequately treat , to name a few. Plus, I wasn't feeling well and
started myself on some antibiotics. I shed my first tears of the trip
after climbing into the truck at almost 6pm. I just feel so
inadequate and helpless.

These sweetnesses were in line with me at the latrine after lunch!


Natasha said...

Praying harder for you and the team now.

Cari said...

What you are doing is amazing. May God bless you more abundantly so that you may continue to bless others!

Ruth said...

My brother is on his way home after working at the main hospital two weeks. Take care of yourself so that you can be useful to others. Praying for your safety and strength. Watch out with the needles and drink lots of water.

Lindsay Hunniford said...

Please know how much we are all praying for you back home as you diligently use the gifts that God has given you!